Artist Statement


I paint to make sense of the world around me, to experience the world within me and to find my place, purpose and value in both.

My paintings seek to capture moments of joy in an abstract, yet considered way. I often balance along the fine line of thoughtful, intentional composition with the intuitive placement of colour. I’m always fighting the intellectual voice wanting to make things “perfect” and am constantly challenged to just let the art flow from within.

Painting is a deeply personal process and one which has, quite literally, saved my life. Finding my art and exercising the need to create and express has helped me accept, and largely overcome, the debilitating and life-threatening mental-health issues that I have wrestled with for decades. Over the years painting has helped me quiet my mind, find my peace and connect again with an inner joy I long thought was gone for good. I’m constantly surprised at the lighthearted energy with which I create, and the bright colours I intuitively use –  proof that I’ve bounced back into life in a strong, vibrant and confident way. I am deeply appreciative of my time in the studio and for every brushstroke as each one brings me closer to my true self.

Consciously, I am largely inspired by nature. The beauty, strength, and wisdom found in nature never ceases to fill me with wonder and inspiration.

Unconsciously, I am compelled by emotion. My work is a harnessed response to both. The outcome is joy. I love knowing others are connecting with my work – for me, to know I am creating, expressing and sharing art which sparks a smile and a feeling of happiness is a blessing, and one that I’m truly grateful for.