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Painting is my everything.

I paint to make sense of the world around me, to understand and express the world within me and to find my place, purpose and worth in both. It is my life.

I seek to capture moments of life in an abstract, yet considered way. My work finds the balance between thoughtful, intentional composition and the intuitive placement of colour.

Consciously, I am largely inspired by nature. The beauty, strength, and wisdom found in nature never ceases to fill me with wonder and inspiration. Unconsciously, I am compelled by emotion. My work is a harnessed response to both. The outcome is joy and an endless fascination with colour.

My life’s work has become countless hours of pushing paint around on a canvas, adding blobs of colour in just the right places and endlessly chasing that deeply satisfying feeling of ‘yes …. this is IT’ through my art in a way I hope others connect to as well. I am truly grateful.